Friday, October 24, 2008


In this crazy, busy world we live in, our souls are easily drained; leaving us in need of a little lift.

Remember the OurDaily Bread with its verses, from Grandma's kitchen table? Or grabbing your Bible and flipping it open, hoping to see a verse that encourages?

"The Message"
in a Bottle

gives you 30 days of hand picked,
Messages from the Bible
(in easy to understand translations)
to make your heart smile.

"The Message" in a Bottle
comes in the following four themes:

Inspiration; a mix of each.

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1 comment:

Mrs4444 said...

This jar of bible verses reminds me of a great gift we once made for Mark's grandma for Christmas. We each sat down with a pile of slips of paper and wrote something on each one; how we felt about her, things we were thankful for from her, funny memories, wishes, prayers, etc. Then we mixed them together and put them in the jar with a cute bow. We instructed her to read one message each day. Not sure if she cheated, but she did love it. :)